The Halloween Pranksta

The Halloween Pranksta - Teaser

In this short film a mischievous nine year old boy who plays pranks on innocent people, learns a lesson that he will never forget on Halloween. (2014) Written and directed by Carl Paolino, co-produced by Mark Hamill Voice Talents: Mark Hamill and John Mariano. IMDB

The Sickness

The Sickness - Trailer

In this feature film five people become trapped in a disease development facility when a highly transmittable virus infects one of the workers. (2008) Written and directed by Carl Paolino Cast: Kat Castaneda, Kevin T. Collins and Keith Herron IMDB

The Halloween Pranksta

Celebrity Face-Off AKA The Wrong Coast

In this television series we produced parodies of different movies, television series and Hollywood personalities. (2004) Written and directed by Carl Paolino Voice Talents: Mark Hamill, Maurice LaMarche, and John Mariano IMDB

The Halloween Pranksta

SVA Promo

This promotional stop motion animated film was produced for the Dusty Awards Ceremony of School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. (2004) Written and directed by Carl Paolino