Body Casting as an Art Form

Body Casting as an Art Form

Have you ever wanted an exact copy of your face, head, hands, torso-or a combination-to keep for prosperity? Perhaps you want to create work that would be enhanced with body castings. Through a variety of mold-making techniques and the use of some very unusual materials, the goal of this course is to do just that. We will explore the newest materials in the commercial market for casting the human body, as well as discuss their benefits and hazards. Only safe and non-toxic materials will be used. Demonstration will include casting stones, urethanes, gelatin and silicones. Each student will create a personal or commercial project. Continuing Education Course Number: FIC-2436-A READ MORE

Special FX Makeup and Silicone Prosthetics for Film and Television

Special FX Makeup and Silicone Prosthetics for Film and Television

Bring horror, sci-fi and fantasy characters to life. Learn how professional Hollywood makeup artists create fictional characters for TV and feature films. In this course, students will be introduced to the basic gore-and-accident-victim effects as well as some of the groundbreaking silicone prosthetic makeup FX techniques. Demonstrations will include how to lifecast a model and the proper uses of unusual mold-making and casting materials. Continuing Education Course Number: CFC-2243-A. READ MORE

Puppet Construction for Stop-Motion

This course will explore techniques in stop-motion animation and each student will complete a fully articulated stop-motion animation puppet. After designing the puppet, students will construct a proper wire armature, sculpt the character in clay and develop a multiple piece stone mold. The puppet will then be cast in silicone, with special attention given to final detailing (eyes, clothing, hair, fur, feet, hands, face and mouth) that underscores the personality of the character. READ MORE

TSVA Faculty Blog: Carl Paolino Profiled

SVA Faculty Blog: Carl Paolino Profiled

I am an SVA Animation and Fine Arts professor, and I recently completed a short film that was co-produced with Mark Hamill (yes, Luke Skywalker). The film is called The Halloween Pranksta, and it was primarily shot in stop motion animation... READ MORE

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